Charger & Batteries

Girafus USB COIN CELL BATTERY CHARGER for LIR 2032/2016/2025 with 2X or 4X or Without Rechargeable BATTERIES – Replaces CR2032/2025/2016

Technical Details:

  • SAVE YOUR MONEY and the invironment and USE RECHARGEABLE coin cell batteries
  • LIR2032 2016 or 2025 USB CHARGER – Connect the Girafus Charger to any suitable USB Slot (also to POWERBANKS) and fully charge your coin cels within 2 to 4 hours charging time 2-4 hours
  • Included LIR 2032/2025/2016 Battery- can be recharged UP TO 500 TIMES
  • RECHARGEABLE COIN CELLS CAN BE USED ALMOST EVERYWHERE: Girafus Cat tracker, bike alarms, bike lights, kitchen scales, some pokemon goo wristbands GPS tracker, pocket calculators, some electric candles, remote controls, hearing aids, thermometers and much more
  • You can buy Lir 2032 2025 2016 coin cell batteries in our Amazon Shop

Girafus 4xLIR-2032/2025/2016 Coin Cell Battery with 3.7V – Replaces CR2032/2025/2016 Coin Cell Batteries – eg: Mainboard, Calculator, Electric Candles, Bicycle Computer, Toys, Pet Tracker, Key Fob, Bathroom Scales

Product Description:

  • 4xLIR 2032/2025/2016 Button Cell Battery with
  • High-performance battery. Replaces Standard CR2032/2032/2016 batteries
  • Application: Mainboard backup battery, electric candles, bicycle computer, clocks, calculator, remote control, toys, pet tracker etc.
  • For charging the batteries we recommend the Girafus LIR charger, which is available separately.

Car USB Girafus Charger for front and back seat 2×2 USB Auto Gummed 12 / 24V

Product Description:

  • FINALLY, FAMILY PEACE IN THE CAR – charge up to 4 devices at the same time! CABLE LENGTH: 1.8 m; Comfortable charging even in the back seat
  • 12/24V CIGARETTE LIGHTER 4 x USB PORT 4 x 2.4A car mobile phone and tablet CHARGER for front and back. 2 x LED DISPLAY- shows READY-TO-LOAD status on material – ABS rubber coated
  • SAFETY – Charger recognizes the maximum value of the connected device. Smart IC protects against overheating, overcharging and short circuit. RETAINING CLIP – for a secure attachment
    Car USB distributor CIGARETTE LIGHTER USB CHARGER compatible with Iphone, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Nokia, HTC, LG and many more
  • Car USB extension cable charger, dual plug mobile phone charger, 2 x 2 port adapter distributor extension for back seats; cable length is also sufficient for VANS, such as T4, T5, T6, V-class and many others