Girafus Spikes for Shoes Anti-Slip SHOE SPIKES with Stainless Steel Teeth for Winter Crampons – NO SLIPPING ON ICE for Women, Men, Seniors and Children

Product Description

  • 10 STAINLESS STEEL SPIKES FOR SAFETY on icy, snowy or muddy roads
  • Small and light – FITS INTO ANY POCKET – always with you – quick and easy to put on
  • Anti-slip spikes for women’s shoes, anti-slip soles for seniors and children, slip protection with cleats for ice – suitable for running shoes; anti-slip shoe spikes for snow and ice, for every shoe size

Heated Carpet FOOT SWITCH floor mat rug 75w 40 x 60cm pet office home WASHABLE

Technical Details:

  • NO COLD FEET ANYMORE! Girafus V15 heating carpet – enjoy comfortable warm feet!
  • EU PLUG- this heating carpet has no british plug
  • FOOT SWITCH- you don’t need to crawl under the desk to switch the carpet off
  • WASHABLE- the cover is washable- you don’t need to worry if the cover got dirty. ATTENTION- wash only the cover not the electrical part
  • SIZE 60X40 – big enough for warm feet, small enough for not disturbing! CABLE LENGTH- 2m
  • OVERHEATING PROTECTION- a thermostat regulates the temperature