Doug asked 2 Monaten ago

After buying the pet tracker, I used it until the batteries in the tags needed to be charged. After I took them out and recharged them, I can not get the remote unit to discover the tags anymore. Do I have to do a new pairing on both of them?

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Girafus Team Mitarbeiter answered 2 Monaten ago

Actually you dont have to re-pair after changing the battery.Please make sure that battery is full .You can also test the tag once with the normal cr2032 battery.If it works with this battery then the problem is with your normal lir2032 battery.If it doesnt work even with the cr2032 battery then the problem might be that you tag has lost the connection with the Base unit.In such case,you have to resynchronize the tag with the base unit.Tutorial video is there in our website.
Please do write us an email,if the problem persists.
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Girafus Team