MirkonBlüming asked 4 Wochen ago

I’ve tested the newly delivered Pro-Track-Tor. 
I am a bit disappointed: max distance seems to be 300m of there is a direct visial line. If someone tests the fences, and the sound of the tag is extremely low – not possible to hear outside.
Could my device be brocken? 

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Girafus Team Mitarbeiter answered 4 Wochen ago

thank you for writing us!
In a free space, the maximum tracking range is 450-500 meters and in a dense area, it is about 150-200 meters.
If the device is having trouble to trace the tag below 350-400 meters radius, you can always reset/re-sync the tag.
About the sound, it’s very conflicting. Initially the tag had a bit high volume beep,  then we got quite many suggestions/comments from our customers that the loud  sound scared their pet, so it would be nice if we could lower the volume of the tag. We then limited the volume of the tag and also closed the silicon cover entirely at the side of the speaker. Also, the volume of the tag is not a prominent way to find the pet, rather the lights of the base unit is salient.
Anyway, you can make a hole in the silicon cover right in front of the speaker, but it could scare your pet.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us.
Have a good weekend
Girafus Team