FAQ – Häufig gestellte FragenProblem with recently purchased tracker
Jacob Tamm asked 1 Jahr ago

Hello, I recently bought a mini tracker but after I tried to recharge it, it no longer works. Let me explain: I charge the batteries for the tracking device (the one you put on the cat) and once I put the batteries in again there is a red light showing on the device. I try tracking but it does not establish a signal. I have checked the batteries multiple times if they are correctly inserted so that is not the problem. Could you please help me to solve the issue or replace the product if faulty?
Best regards

Girafus Team Mitarbeiter antwortete vor 1 Jahr

Hi Jacob, thank you for your message! If the led on the tag is lighting continuously, you might need to re-sync the basis with the tag. Please write us to enjoylife@girafus.com and we will offer you further support. thanks, Micha Girafus Team